Destination: Southwest Florida


   Southwest Florida is ideal for this adventure. Our journey will begin in Punta Gorda's Charlotte Harbor. The iced tea colored water is well protected from the elements of the Gulf and will serve as our training grounds.


   Once we are proficient, we will head out to the green water in the Gulf of Mexico and chart a course overnight to Key West. (145 miles) We will have a full day and overnight in Key West to either enjoy the sights or complete a community service mission.


   Next passage is 65 miles due west to Dry Tortugas / Fort Jefferson. (pictured behind this panel) The water here is stunning blue and the fort is something every soldier should witness for themselves. We will stay directly in front of the fort

at anchor and have another full day to tour the fort, fish, swim, and play.


   We will get up in the middle of the second night and start our course back to Punta Gorda.

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